Arden 3

Long days in the saddle? On this bike, those days don’t feel long at all.

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We designed the Arden 3 as the perfect bike for women who relish spending long days in the saddle. That means we didn’t only engineer the featherweight frame to be precise and responsive (check out the front and rear thru-axles); we also designed it to be comfortable no matter how many miles you are putting to bed.

The Arden 3 shares the same women’s-specific touch points and Enhanced Performance Geometry and as our other Arden models. That geometry is key; it creates a riding position that’s sporty and fast, yet well shy of that “classic” road biking aero tuck. Riding a bike should be exercise, not an exercise in masochism.

The Arden 3 is a true performer, and the parts that hang from it bear tribute to that fact. Highlights here include a vibration-damping carbon fiber fork, precise Shimano 105 2×11 drivetrain, and powerful Tektro Spyre disc brakes.

Ready Ride bikes are shipped 95 percent assembled. Typical bike assembly is time-consuming and requires technical know-how. Ready Ride reduces the time and skills needed for the final, four-step assembly.

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48 CM 716.0mm, 50 CM 734.0mm, 52 CM 757.0mm, 54 CM 777.0mm, 56 CM 800.0mm


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